FEELC is a half-product, engaging the user into recycling of the industrial waste. The core of project lies in usage of an already used plastic bucket, which is then covered by FEELC, resulting in creation of a multifunctional tabouret for indoor use. The concept therefore suggests that industrial waste and nature´s waste can be relevant basis for a new kind of a product. Instead of refusing the waste as something unnatural, FEELC proposes embracing its presence and fusing it with natural material.

Half product

FEELC is a half – product, which has been inspired to confront classical consumer logic “buy – consume – throw away.” The purpose of FEELC lies in implementing the idea of relationship between user and product, reflecting in new logic “buy – search – wash – use – reuse again.” In that sense consumer is invited to rethink his stand on waste issue, which he can do sitting on FEELC, and then whirl himself into new recycling practices.

Color options

FEELC is available in two color versions: natural gray / blue and natural gray / red. Every FEELC is handmade, so the level of colored stripe can vary from piece to piece. FEELC cover is made of natural materials: wool, painted wool and cotton threads.

To be really complete, incompletion must be included in the system...

( G. Bateson )


FEELC can be ordered at the following email address. You are ordering cover, bucket is not included!

FEELC price:
natural gray / blue 55€ + delivery fee
natural gray / red 55€ + delivery fee


Concept design: Jernej Girandon

Product execution: Jernej Girandon (steam forming)

  Barbara Orehek Girandon (sewing)

Production: Handcrafted in Slovenia

Project year: 2017

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